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Youth in Asia Training for Religious Amity

The 10th Assembly of the World Council of Churches held in Busan, South Korea called the churches to embark on “a pilgrimage of justice and peace”. Recognizing the need for such a pilgrimage to have an inter-religious dimension, as well as an inter-generational one (particularly with a focus on young people), the WCC programme on Inter-religious Dialogue and Cooperation is initiating the Youth in Asia Training for Religious Amity (YATRA).

This training course will enable young Christian leaders from Asian churches to contribute towards the building up of just, harmonious and peaceable communities by equipping them for ministries of justice and peace from an inter-religious perspective. The choice of name, YATRA (which is a common term for pilgrimage in many Indo-Asian religions and languages), is intended to reflect the idea of pilgrimage.

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